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What is the DashBoard?

The dashboard is your central hub for everything HuddleIQ and is displayed when you log in or complete the creation of an account.

My Boards
Displays boards and invites relevant to you, along with the ability to create boards; learn more.

Invites Sent
Display invites you’ve received to access other boards; learn more.

Allows administrators to manage the organization’s account; learn more.

+ New Project
Create new projects to organize your boards; learn more.

Private Projects
Displays your private projects, along with the ability to create boards within the project.

Shared Projects
Displays shared projects that you have permission to view, and if permitted, you can create boards within the project.

Help (?)
Get the help you need.

Your Profile (YP)
See and set details about yourself; learn more.

Applies To: Members

Plan Availability: Free*, Business, Education

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