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The Toolbars

Top toolbar

HuddleIQ has four toolbars to help you get work done.

Left-Side Toolbar

Board left toolbar example

Select and Pan:  Choose from three modes of select or pan, pan only, and area select.

Pen and Highlighter:  Choose from either freehand inking or highlighting important points.

Eraser:  Remove content from the board by using the stroke or area selection eraser.

Text:  Add typed text to the board quickly in a borderless manner. Add as a title or general commentary.

Sticky Notes: Add the workhorse object easily to the board, with the help of a quick color selection menu.

Comments:  Initiate a discussion anywhere within the board using the comments tool.

Cards: Cards are a project management tool that allows us to organize content for tasks, assignments, or a repository of information and enhance collaboration while keeping track of timelines.

Objects:  Chose from shapeslines, arrows, and containers, all in one easy-to-access location.

Resources:  Find Emojis, Icon, Images, Illustrations, Vector Graphics, Videos, and Templates to use on your board.

Library:  Upload media and document files to store and to use on your board.

Right-Side Toolbar

Board right side toolbar view

Undo:  Undo the last actions taken.

Redo:  Redo anything undone.

Dashboard:  Exit the board to the dashboard.

Full Screen:  Remove the clutter and go full screen.

Zoom:  Zoom the board to your desired level.

Import/Export: Import materials to the board or export the board.

Attenees List: See who’s on the board in one convenient list

Settings & Integrations:  Configure settings to your liking, and manage integrations to third-party apps.

Bottom-Right Toolbar

Presentaion toolbar

Video Conferencing:  Video and screen conferencing.

Presentation Mode Present your board, slides, or documents to everyone on the board. 

Slides: Create a slide presentation.

Comments List Open the comment list and see a complete history of comments made on the board and go to them.

Chat:  Open chat to start a conversation and get ideas and a discussion flowing.

Task Timer:  Keep track of time and have everyone focussed on the work at hand.

Polls:  Get feedback and get your team involved by creating a poll.

Board Map:  See the whole board and navigate it quickly.

Top Toolbar

Board topbar expanded example

Tip: If you can not see the top toolbar, click the below icon to expand it.

Top bar expand
HuddleIQ icon

To exit your board and go back to the dashboard, click the HuddleIQ logo and confirm.

Edit member icon

Allows the operator to rename the board.

Note: The user must have the Rename Boards permissions for the project.

Attendees icon example

Displays all the attendees on the board.

If the attendee is online, then they will have a green circle.
If they have been offline for a short period, they will have a grey icon.
If they have been offline for more than a few minutes, they will no longer appear on the list.

Manage invites icon

Allow the user to manage invites to the board.

Note: The user must have the Manage Invite permission for the board.

My profile icon

Your profile icon, where clicking it allows you to:

Profile menu options
Help icon

Allows you to:

  • Search for help
  • Browse our help files by category
  • Submit a support request if on a paid plan
  • View keyboard and mouse shortcuts
The Toolbars

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors, Board Viewers

Plan Availability: Free*, Standard, Premium