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Manage a Board

Dashboard project board listing example

Click a project or the My Boards view to see all the associated boards.

Three dot menu

To manage a board, click either the horizontal three-dot icon in the list view or the vertical three-dot icon in the grid view to see a list of options applicable to you that will range from the below items. Note, you will have access to all options for boards in a private project; otherwise, options will be dependent on your project permissions for shared projects.

Opens the board in the current browser tab.

Open in a New Tab
Opens the board in a new browser tab.

Allows you to manage invitations to the board.

Requires the Create and Manage Own Invites if you are the owner of the board in a shared project, else the Manage Any Invite permission if you are not the owner of the board in a shared project.

Duplicates the board into the same project.

Requires the Duplicate Boards permission for shared projects.

Copy Member Link
Copies the member link to open the board into memory.

Move the board into another project.

Requires the Move Boards permission if the board is in a shared project and requires the Create Boards permission in the destination project if it is a shared project.

Rename the board.

Requires the Rename Boards permission for shared projects.

Delete the board.

Requires the Delete Boards permission for shared projects.

Displays information about the board.

Board role scope

Applies To: Members

Plan Availability:  Free*, Standard, Premium