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Initiate a discussion anywhere within the board using the comments tool.

Upon clicking the board, enter the topic for the whole comment thread, followed by your comment.

Other users may then open and read your comment and add their own comment to the thread.

Mention Someone

To mention another member, type “@” followed by the name of the person, or just select the member from the suggestion list that pops up when you type.

Mention Someone
Comment Anchor

Comments are displayed on the board with this icon; simply click it to open it, read, or add to it.

Comment Sample
New Comment Post

The number of unread comments will display in the comment icon on the board.

Additionally, an orange circle will appear on the comment list icon in the bottom right toolbar.

New Comment in List

Get a URL Link that will take the user directly to the comment.

Edit the Comment Title

Edit the Comment Topic.

Delete the Comment.

Comment List Icon

Bring up the comments list from the bottom right toolbar and search for entries by topic, comment, or the name of the member who posted the comment, and easily navigate to where the comment was made.

Press C on the keyboard and click on the board to create a new comment.

Add Comment: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors, Board Commentators
Edit Comment: Owner
Delete Comment: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Owner

Plan Availability: Free*, Business, Education

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