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Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode Icon

Presentation mode allows you to present the board the way you see it to others, present a slide presentation, or present a document. Everything you see, attendees in the presentation will see in real-time in a view-only environment, other than chat that can be optionally enabled by the presenter.

Starting a Presentation

Click the presentation mode icon on the bottom right toolbar to get started.

Presentation Mode Toolbar Icon
Presentation Mode Settings

If you are in an existing video conference, then that conference will continue as is; otherwise, you will be presented with an option to present your webcam to others on the board.

You will also be able to select a slide presentation to commence playing when presentation mode starts.

Select Slide Presentation

Once the presentation has begun, if you selected a slide presentation or, then your conference/presentation toolbar will present options to navigate through slides that your attendees will see.


Note, you may also begin a side presentation at any time by opening slide presentations, selecting your presentation, and clicking “Start Slide Presentation”.


From here, you can cycle through your slides, skip or go back to a particular slide, control your webcam, microphone, audio settings, and of course, end the presentation.

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Free*, Business, Education