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Create a Project

Projects allow you to group boards in any manner that suits you. Some common examples of grouping are:

  • A project
  • A major task
  • A team
  • A department

To get started, click the “+ New Project” button in the dashboard.

Create a project button
Create a project

To create a private project, simply enter a name and click create; else, select “Shared” for options on configuring access.

Note: Once a project is created, it may not be switched between being a private or a public project. You may, however, pending permissions, move boards between private and public projects.

Project settings

Shared projects allow you to assign members that have access to the project and the boards it contains. Search or click members to add or remove.

Note: Members and their board roles may be changed at any time by Project Managers, and at least one member must be assigned a Project Manager.

Each added member may be assigned one of 4 project roles summarized below. For more information, review our article on project permissions:

  • Project Manager:  Has complete control of the project and may change any aspect of it and the boards it contains.
  • Project Editor:  May create and control any aspect of boards they create and edit other boards’ contents in the project.
  • Project Commentator:  May not create new boards, but may open boards in the project, contribute to chat, and make comments but otherwise may not edit the board.
  • Project Viewer:  May not create new boards, but may open boards, contribute to chat, but may not edit or comment on the board.

Project Settings

  • Project Listing: Allows members not assigned to the project to see the project in the dashboard. If enabled and a non-project member clicks the project, then project manager details will be displayed, allowing the user to request access to the project.
  • Project Members: Allows members not assigned to the project to see the members assigned to the project.
  • Project Boards:Allows members not assigned to the project to see the boards in the project but does not allow them to open or change them in any manner.
Board role scope

Applies To: Members

Plan Availability:  Free*, Standard, Premium