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Notifications Icon

Notifications keep you informed of what you need to know, including mentions your teammates have tagged into you.

To open, simple click the above icon in the top right side of the dashboard or an open board.

Note: If you can’t see the icon on a board, ensure the topbar is expanded.

Notification List

Acknowledging a notification will place it into the archived tab, where you can always unarchive a notification to bring it back to the active tab.

Some notifications may have an open button, such as an invitation, which will open the board associated with the invitation.

Show All

The “Show All” toggle switch is only displayed when notifications are invoked from a board.

Unlike when invoked from the dashboard, notifications relevant to the board are only shown by default. Toggling “Show All” on will display all notifications.

Want to archive all active notifications quickly? Then click the “Acknowledge All” button.

Notification Settings
Notification Settings

Daily Notification Time

If you have notifications set to be delivered “Daily”, then you’ll receive those notifications once a day at the time specified.

Browser Notifications

Enable or disable notifications to be displayed via your browser.

Delivery Mechanisms and Time

Expand the category of notification wanted and configure how you like to receive the notifications listed and when.

Choose to receive these notifications in HuddleIQ’s notification list.

Notify by Email

Choose to receive these notifications via email.

Notify via Slack

Choose to receive these notifications via Slack.

Note: requires Slack to be integrated

Choose to receive these notifications once daily or immediately as they occur.

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Plan Availability: Free*, Business, Education

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