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Create and Manage an Invite

Create an Invite

You may create an invite when you create a new board by clicking the invite button.

You may also create and manage invites in the following areas:

Inviting Members

Click any member from the “Choose Members” section to add them to the “Selected Members” section.

You may also search for members to add. Additionally, you may click the “Add All” button that adds all members currently displayed.

When you add a member, you must also select the Board Role they are to have when their invite is opened.

New invitations are not sent until the “Ok” button is pressed and the invite window closed.

Manage an Invite


Manage an Invite

Managing an existing invite is very similar to creating an invitation. The differences between the two are outlined below.

Disinviting Members

Click any member already in the “Selected Members” section to remove them from the invitation.

Disinvites are not sent until the “Ok” button is pressed and the invite window closed.

Invite Already Sent

This icon signifies that an invitation has already been sent for this member.

Copy Board Member Link

You may copy the link to open the board and provide that to any member on the invite list in a manner that suits you.

Note: Members are still required to log in to open the invite, and only members currently on the invite list will be allowed to open the invite with the board role assigned.

Cancel Invitation

After an invitation is created, you may decide to cancel the invitation using this button.

Upon cancellation, currently invited members sent an invitation will receive notification that the invitation was canceled and their invite deleted.

Applies To: Members

Plan Availability: Free*, Business, Education

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