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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams

Important Update: Microsoft Teams Currently Unavailable, Availability Expected Soon

Setup Microsoft Teams integration and allow notifications to be received in Microsoft Teams.

Settings and integrations

To connect Microsoft Teams to HuddleIQ, open integrations, find the Microsoft Teams entry and click connect to start the process.

You will first receive some important instructions that will help guide you through the process. Click connect once you are ready.

Microsoft teams instructions

If you see the below message appear in your browser, click the “Open” button to allow Microsoft Teams to open and continue with the integration.

Microsoft teams integration browser permissions ask

Microsoft Teams will now open and display something similar to the below image. Click “Add” which will add the HuddleIQ app to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft teams add huddleIQ

After a few moments, you should receive an introductory message like that below.

Microsoft teams intro message for huddleIQ

Click the message input area, and you will be shown an option to connect like that below.

Click “connect” and press the enter key or the send message icon.

Microsoft onedrive how to connect

You will now see a message with a link titled “Connect HuddleIQ to Microsoft Teams”

Click this link to finalize the integration process.

Microsoft teams connect huddleIQ link to teams

A web page with the below message will appear.

That’s it. You’ll now receive notifications in Microsoft Teams according to your notification preferences.

Microsoft teams successful connection
Board role scope

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Standard, Premium