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Google Drive

Google drive logo

To connect Google Drive to HuddleIQ, open a board and open integrations from the right-side toolbar.

Settings and integrations

Find Google Drive and click connect to begin the process.

Google drive connect button

A popup window will appear. Select the Google account to integrate HuddleIQ with Google Drive.

Select google account

Google may ask you to verify yourself, follow the given instructions.

Google two factor

Next, select and confirm the permissions to grant HuddleIQ access to your Google Drive account.

Note: If not already selected, you must grant “See and download all your Google Drive Files” 

Grant access to google

Now that you are connected, you’ll see an option to add files directly into your library from your Google Drive account.

Note: File types supported include Google Docs, PDF and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, and Videos.

Google drive library list

Selecting Google Drive will open its file browser in a new window, allowing you to add files to the library.

Google drive file display example

Note: To disconnect Google Drive, open integrations, find the Google Drive entry, and click disconnect.

Google Drive

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Standard, Premium