Diagramming use cases 2

Use diagramming to drive business success

Use diagramming and templates to visualize information and relationships.

Teams can more easily identify patterns and trends, spot potential problems and opportunities, develop creative solutions, and plan for the future.

Diagramming use cases 2

The key to building and thriving as a team

Build people’s understanding of your vision.

Map the strategic planning process from start to finish using concept maps, story maps, system mapping, and many diagramming templates.

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We have hundreds of ready-made templates to get you going, and of course, you can modify or create your own.
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Collaborate and align your remote meetings

Visualize with diagramming, flows charts, maps, processes, hierarchies, journeys, and more while working alongside coworkers.

Enhance collaboration and communication to keep everyone aligned, helping you make the right decisions.

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Keep communication clear and take action

Once your diagram is ready, you can assign tasks, add comments and attachments, and categorize everything with labels.

Receive email notifications to keep updated with the latest developments and track progress.

Integrate with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and others.

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Stop wasting time and effort

Use one application for a holistic and unified approach to achieving team success.

With customizable templates, collaborative diagramming, in-built conferencing and messaging, and the power of our online whiteboard, you’ll spend less time juggling information between disparate applications and more time doing.

Diagramming use case 5

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