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Board History

Board history

Board History is a feature where Board Hosts and Board Editors may see a list of previously saved versions of the board and allow them to restore the board to a previous state, either to the current board or as a new board.

This feature enhances the collaborative experience by offering greater control with  board version management and historical review.

Board history toolbar

To access the board history, click the “Board Actions” icon on the right toolbar and select “Board History”

Board history date range

Optionally filter the list to a day or a date range.

Board history restore options

Choose the Board Version for Restoration

Restore to Existing Board

Exclusive to Board Hosts

This option enables Board Hosts to revert the current board to a previously selected version. Before initiating the restoration, the system will inform you if there are other users currently on the board. Once you proceed with the restoration, these users will receive a notification and their access will be temporarily restricted until the restoration process is complete.

Restore to a New Board

Accessible to Both Board Hosts and Board Editors

Selecting this option allows you to restore the current board to a specific board name and project of your choice. Upon completion of this action, the system will automatically load the newly created board, reflecting the restored version.

Board History

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Free*, Standard, Premium