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Export Embed Code

Export embed code menu

To seamlessly integrate a board into your website, you can utilize our convenient ‘Export Embed Code’ feature. This tool allows for easy incorporation of the board into your web pages, ensuring a smooth and cohesive user experience.

With just a few clicks, you can generate a custom embed code tailored to your site’s layout and design preferences. This feature is designed to provide a hassle-free process, enabling you to enhance your website’s functionality.

Use Set Opening Position to make sure the board always opens in the same position each time.

Export embed code dialog

To generate the embed code, start by clicking on the “Board Actions” icon located in the right-side toolbar. From there, choose “Export Embed Code.”

You then have two options for “Access Type”:

  • Members and Guests: Users who are not already logged in will be prompted to enter their member or guest credentials to access the board. Standard permissions apply, meaning users must either be part of the project associated with the board or possess a valid invitation link to gain access.
  • Visitor Viewer: This option allows an unlimited number of users to view the board without needing to log in.

After selecting the appropriate access type, the embed code will be generated. Simply click on “Copy Code” and paste this code into your desired webpage to integrate the board.

Board role scope

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Standard, Premium