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Templates are not only available when you create a board, you can also access them through the resources section.

Select one of 100+ ready-made templates, or select a template that you or your team members have created.

Templates Icon

Click this icon in resources to view all available templates.

Template Search Icon

Search all available templates by title or description.

Select from over 100+ ready-made templates in the categories of Recommended, Building Blocks, Brainstorming, Meetings & Coaching, Problem Solving, Research & Design, and Strategic Planning.

Shared Templates

Here you’ll see any templates that your team-mates have created and opted to share.

Private Templates

Any template that you have created but not shared will be listed here.

All your loved templates will be displayed here.

All your loved templates will be displayed here.

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Love a template? Click the heart icon on any template you see and have them all displayed in the favorites section.

Applies ToBoard Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Free*, Business, Education

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