The perfect tool for strategizing and planning

Strategize better by running engaging, visual remote sessions.
Iterate, manage and monitor the planning process collaboratively and bring your plans to fruition.

Strategic planning use case

Hold productive strategy sessions

Facilitate strategic planning sessions where everyone can participate using one of our hundreds of customizable templates to generate ideas. Share, discuss, and build plans collectively or in your own time.

No Boundaries. No Constraints.

Strategic planning morning huddle
We have hundreds of ready-made templates to get you going, and of course, you can modify or create your own.
Risk assessment matrix pages 2

Bring your plans to fruition

Treat your online whiteboard as a living document and allow your team to focus on identifying achievable objectives.

Get instant feedback with video conferencing, chat, comments, reactions, polls, and voting to improve your concepts and keep your plans on track throughout your project executio

Strategic planning feedback

Visualize and align your plans

Keep your project’s resources in one place for easy accessibility, and invite team members with just one click.

Utilize visual notations like sticky notes, shapes and lines, and annotations to explain your plans, and visualize timelines promoting collaboration and communication to ensure everyone remains aligned.

Stategic planning flow chart 4 (1)

Never loose sight of the bigger picture

Impress your audience with your visual presentations, using slides to organize your strategy, making it easier for you to jump to different material rapidly.

Make it easy to demonstrate key points to ensure your team understands what direction to take and how to implement plans, ensuring your team never loses sight of the big picture.

Strategic planning presentation

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