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Collaborator’s Cursors

Setting collaborators cursor

When the collaborator’s cursors are enabled, you will see where other users are on the board. Accessible from the right-side toolbar.

Note: Enabled by default and changing the value applies to the current and all boards opened by the member from that point onwards.

Collaborato's cursor icon

Change collaborator’s cursors by clicking Settings and Integrations icon on the right toolbar.

When enabled, if another user is working in the same area as yourself, you’ll see their cursor in the manner below:

Collaborator's cursor example
What if Another User is editing an Object?

If an object is in edit mode by another user, then the object will appear in a shaded color and be locked for editing, and the name of the user editing the object will appear above it.

When this occurs, you may not select or edit the object until that user exits edit mode for the object.

Object locked by someone else example display
Collaborator's Cursors

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors, Board Viewers

Plan Availability: Free*, Standard, Premium