What is HuddleBoard?

A digital canvas that brings your ideas to life. HuddleBoard helps business professionals and educators Communicate, Collaborate, Illustrate, Educate and experience positive changes that impact work and learning.

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What Can HuddleBoard Do For You?

Real-time collaboration- Anytime, Anywhere

Share ideas, designs, and suggestions. Conduct polls or audio conference, chat to receive feedback, upload and share documents, annotate or comment, write or draw, and make online communication an enriching experience. As a virtual whiteboard, HuddleBoard is uncomplicated with its natural, human-like interaction and behaviour that helps you do more and do it effectively!

Who can use HuddleBoard?

Business professionals, educators, marketing experts, financial analysts and everyone in between, HuddleBoard is for anyone who wants to get work done efficiently and effectively. Use HuddleBoard, irrespective of your geographical proximity, to achieve maximum productivity and learning with minimum confusion and frustration.

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Change The Way You Communicate, Collaborate, Illustrate & Educate
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Prime Features

Discover the joys of high-powered efficiency with HuddleBoard on your side. Explore its user-friendly tools to collaborate efficiently, present smartly and educate effectively.
Express your thoughts effortlessly with tools like pens, highlighters, shapes and notes. Integrate powerful add-ons into your discussions, and enhance your collaborative efforts with your colleagues or students.
HuddleBoard makes it possible for you to Communicate, Collaborate, Illustrate and Educate in a seamless and efficient manner. Use the smart chat feature and get your questions answered instantly. Leave a comment on new changes or conduct polls to obtain feedback. Talk to your group using audio conferencing or visually demonstrate with tools like shared web page viewer and document sharing. HuddleBoard allows you to make things happen, real-time!
With safe storage of all your information, use any device to access HuddleBoard. Your ideas will now go where you go. Share and present PDF’s, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Microsoft Powerpoint and Images instantly with your team and never let your work stop.
An intuitive, user-friendly interface that mimics human behaviour to give you a seamless, hassle-free experience. All you need to do is focus on that brilliant idea and HuddleBoard will bring it to life.
With HuddleBoard you call the shots. Use the application on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device; the choice is yours. Flexible input options include an intuitive keyboard, touch, stylus, pencil and mouse support that make your efforts increasingly productive.
Data security is the foundation on which HuddleBoard was built. With round-the-clock protection, you can communicate, collaborate, Illustrate and educate with peace of mind.
Get The Power of Innovation on Your Side

Supercharge your productive potential with HuddleBoard. With this intuitive collaboration tool, you will discover the power of maximum efficiency. With smart features at your fingertips, you can Communicate, Collaborate, Illustrate or Educate with total ease. Now turn your thoughts into reality with the power of innovation on your side.

HuddleBoard - Where Ideas Come To Life

Smart collaboration has a new name - HuddleBoard - Find out more.

Get The Power of Innovation on Your Side

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Supercharge your innovative potential with HuddleBoard. With this intuitive collaboration tool, you will discover the power of maximum efficiency. The smart features at your disposal will help you collaborate, innovate and educate with ease. So you can focus on what you do best. HuddleBoard - Where Ideas Come To Life

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Smart collaboration and presentation has a new name - HuddleBoard

Change The Way YouCollaborate, Ideate & Educate