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Card preview

Cards are a project management tool that allows us to organize content for tasks, assignments, or a repository of information and enhance collaboration while keeping track of timelines. Optionally:

  • Create a task
  • Add steps
  • Add comments
  • Add attachments
  • Add labels

Note: Appropriate notifications and entries into the task list will be added on changes to the card.

Create a Card

Card icon

From the left-side toolbar, click the task icon and click the position on the board to create the card.

New card

You’ll be prompted to enter a title; this is the minimum requirement to save the card.

Assign Members

Card assign members icon

You can assign members to the card, which is required if you want to create a task on the card.

There are three roles that can be assigned:


  • The member who has responsibility for the card’s outcome.
  • Only one member may be assigned as responsible and is required if a task is created.
  • May be assigned to a board host, facilitator, or editor.



Create a Task

Card set task

Before you can set and create a task, you must assign a member as responsible. Once done, the “Set Task” button will become enabled where you can set task items as below.

Card open


  • Set the current status of the task, including “To Do”, “In Progress”, “Completed” or “Request Completion Approval” if you have a Supervisor assigned.
  • Upon “Request Completion Approval”, the Supervisor will have the option to complete the task or reopen it with the ability to provide reasoning.


  • Move the slider to indicate what percentage of the task has been completed.
  • This will also be reflected in the orange line at the top of the card preview.


  • Choose from Lowest, Low, Normal, High, or Critical.


  • Indicate whether this task blocks or is blocked by another task.

Start/Due Date

  • Set the start and due date range for the task.

Add Steps

Card steps features

Click the steps tab, and add individual steps required to complete the job:

  • Mark individual steps as completed.
  • Reposition the order of steps via drag and drop
  • Format steps with font styling and emojis!

Add Comments

Card comments

Click the comments tab to discuss.

Note: Only those assigned to the card may comment or the card’s owner until a task is created.

Add Attachments

Upload files or add URL links relevant to the card.

Note: Only those assigned to the card may add attachments or the card’s owner until a task is created.

Card attachments

Set Labels

Card labels icon

Click the label icon and assign an existing label or create a new label for the card.

To assign an existing label, simply click it. If selected, you may edit the label’s name and colors, or you may delete the label if it is not being used elsewhere.

Card label create

When adding or editing a label, you’ll see something like the above image where you can:

  • Add or edit the label name.
  • Click the “A” icon to change the label’s background and text color.

Card Preview

Card preview top section

If a task is assigned, then:

  • The orange bar indicates how much of the task is completed.
  • The status will be displayed such as “In Progress”.
  • The due date, if set, will be displayed.
  • The priority will be displayed.

The expand icon on the right side of the above image will always be displayed, allowing you to open the card for configuration and input.

Card preview comments and attachments

Displays how many comments and attachments there are on the card.


Displays any labels associated with the card.

Following a cards actions

Indicate whether you are following the card and if so, you will be notified of appropriate changes made to the card and task if assigned.

Card responsible

Displays the profile image of the member assigned as responsible, if any, for the card’s outcome.

Board role scope

Applies To: Members

Plan Availability: Premium