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Members, Guests, and Visitors – Differences

What is a Member

A member is a registered user within your organization, granting them access to the dashboard. Members can create or be part of projects, boards, and invitations. They have the authority to set board and project permissions and interact with other members and guests of the organization. Additionally, members can assume any board role, including board host, facilitator, editor, commentator, or viewer.

What is a Guest

A guest is a registered user within your organization, granting them access to the dashboard. While guests cannot create projects, boards, or invitations, they can be granted access to projects or invited to boards. Guests can be given the board roles of board editor, commentator, or viewer, and have the same abilities on a board as a member.

What is a Visitor

Visitors are unregistered external users without access to your organization’s dashboard. They enter a board through a specific link, which determines their role (editor, commentator, or viewer), link validity time, and activation time.

The number of visitor licenses is based on the chosen plan. Visitor licenses are also concurrent, so with 20 visitor licenses, each open board can accommodate up to 20 visitors at a given time. There are no restrictions on the number of boards that can be open at any one time, each with up to 20 visitors as shown in this example.

Restriction: Since visitors are temporary users who are not registered, certain functionalities are not allowed, such as mentioning others in comments, creating or participating in cards, creating templates, starting a video conference or presentation, and exporting the board.

What is a User?

At HuddleIQ, a user is simply someone who uses the platform, be it a member, guest or a visitor. We tend not to use the term and focus on using the terms members, guests and visitors.

Summary Differences

Dashboard AccessYesYesNo
Create ProjectsYesYesNo
Assign Project AccessYesNoNo
Access ProjectsYesYesNo
Create BoardYesNoNo
Create InvitesYesNoNo
Open Boards via the  DashboardYesYesNo
Open Boards via Visitor LinksN/AN/AYes
Host Board RoleYesNoNo
Facilitator Board RoleYesNoNo
Editor Board RoleYesYesYes
Commentator Board RoleYesYesYes
Viewer Board RoleYesYesYes
Join a ConferenceYesYesYes
Join a PresentationYesYesYes
Start a ConferenceYesYesNo
Start a PresentationYesYesNo
Mention in CommentsYesYesNo
Export BoardsYesYesNo
Card CreationYesYesNo
Card ParticipationYesYesNo
Create a TemplateYesYesNo

For more information on roles and permissions, visit:

Board role scope

Plan Applicability: All plans