Annotation Features

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Adding and creating in collaborative or singular sessions is intuitive and purposeful with our features.

Features for seamless Annotations:



Containers are a flexible collection of cells that can be arranged as needed. Organize and arrange information, ideas, and content into container cells with the editing functionality you’d expect.

In fact, many of our hundreds of Templates rely on the foundation that containers provide.

Shapes and arrows

Shapes and Arrows

Select from 20 diverse shapes, and lines, or arrows capable of being extensively manipulated to suit your needs. In conjunction with object linking, create flow diagrams, mind or concept maps.

Stick notes

Sticky Notes

We know a simple sticky note just doesn’t cut it anymore, that’s why our supercharged Sticky Notes offer Rich text, Full formatting, and even the ability to insert math and chemistry equations.

Title feature


The Title object is a highly useful feature that enables you to add typed text to the board in a swift and hassle-free manner. By doing away with borders, it creates a neat and polished appearance that gives the impression of a professional title.

Write and highlight

Draw, Write and Highlight

There are times when a quick comment or highlight enables you to express your thoughts or provide valuable feedback quickly. Our Pen and Highlighter tools let you do just that with total ease. Enjoy smooth, accurate, responsive, and visually appealing inking that is effortless and just like using a real pen or highlighter. Select opacity, thickness, and colors to give your annotations a slick look and feel.


Lists with Indents

Our lists feature is super useful! It helps you organize your content with 4 different styles:

  • Mixed
  • Numbered
  • Bullets
  • Ticks

And you can indent and outdent your content. Plus, you can create multiple lists in the same shape with different styles. 

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