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Slides allow you to create an area on the board that can be used for presentations or organizing your content.


Slide presentations can be created with selected slides and played, typically when in presentation mode, allowing your presentation attendees to view your slides one at a time along with your webcam or audio.

Creating and Managing Slide Presentations

To create or see the board’s slide presentations, click the slides icon on the bottom right toolbar.

Slide Icon Selected in the Bottom Right Toolbar

This opens up the slide presentation area.

Press the + button, provide a name and create a new slide presentation.


Note: “Set As Default” determines which presentation slides are added to when added directly from the board. As this is the first presentation, it is mandatorily set as the default.

Your new slide presentation will be automatically selected.

Note there is now a three vertical dot menu available that provides the option to:

  • Configure settings for your presentation such as its name, or whether it is the default presentation.

  • Duplicate your presentation.

  • Delete your presentation.
Creating Slides

Click the “Create Slide” button.

Create a Slide

Enter a name and the slide’s aspect ratio, which includes options suitable for computers or print, or you can select a custom size.


Note: Aspect ratio is what the height will be for a given width or visa-versa. You may have multiple slides, all with the same aspect ratio, but they may be of different sizes, providing you flexibility. When it comes to presenting slides, all slides of the same aspect ratio will appear as the same size as they are made to fit the available size of the screen or printer.

Upon clicking ok, you will see a crosshairs cursor on the board. Either click the position on the board where you want the top-left portion of the slide to begin, and it will create a slide of a default size; otherwise, click and drag the crosshairs cursor to draw the slide to the size of your choosing.


You can choose to create a slide covering existing content where that content will automatically be added to that slide. Of course, you may add, edit, or delete any content in a slide.


You will now have created a slide that will appear in the slides list of your presentation.

Applies To: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Free*, Standard, Premium