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Poll Running

Get feedback and get your team involved by creating a poll and see live results of their views and opinions.

Click this icon located on the bottom-right toolbar to create a new poll or to view the results of previously completed polls.

Tip: If you can not see this icon, then the toolbar has been collapsed; click the below icon to expand it.

Expand Toolbar

A list of previously completed or running polls is displayed.
Use the search filter to narrow your results.

To create a new poll, click the above button.

Create A Poll

Enter the following details:

  • The name of the poll; used to identify polls when viewing the poll history.

  • The poll question.

  • The amount of time allocated to respond to the poll in hours, minutes, and seconds.

  • The answers presented to the poll question.

To add more than two answers to the poll question, click this to add an unlimited number of poll answers.

Start the Poll

Get the poll going!

All attendees and anyone newly entering the board, time permitting, will be presented with the poll.

Poll Creator
Once the poll is running, the poll creator may pause, resume, or stop the poll at any time, along with seeing live poll results.

Poll Responders
Poll responders are presented the poll for submission, but they do not see live poll results.

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