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Manage a Project

List of private and shared projects

Learn to manage existing and newly created private or shared projects in this article.

Expand projects

If the icon next to “Private Projects” or “Shared Projects” is a right arrowhead, click it to expand to view its contents.

Three dot menu

Next to each project is a three-dot menu, and depending on your project permissions and whether it is a private or shared project, the following options will be presented:

Only displayed for private projects and allows you to rename the project.


Displayed for shared projects when you have Project Management permission and enables you to edit project membership and settings as laid out when creating a new project.


Project members example

Displayed for shared projects where you are a project member, or if the Project Members setting is enabled and lists all members in the project and their project role.


Displayed for private projects or shared projects where you have Project Management permission and allows you to delete the project. Before deleting a project, all boards must be moved to another project or deleted.


About this project

Displays information about the project.

Board role scope

Applies To: Members

Plan Availability:  Free*, Standard, Premium