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Task Timer

Task Timer Edit Example

The task timer allows you to keep track of time and have everyone focussed on the work at hand.

Clicking this icon found on the bottom-right toolbar allows you to create a new task timer.

Tip: If you can not see this icon, then the toolbar has been collapsed, click the below icon to expand it.

New Task Timer

Set the following details:

  • Enter the task timer duration in hours, minutes, and seconds.

  • Optionally enter a description for the timer, which is displayed when a user hovers over the timer countdown on the board.

  • Select whether you’d like a notification sound to play to all attendees when the task timer expires.
Task Timer Start

Click start to get the task timer going.

Active Task Timer

When a task timer is running, you’ll see a live countdown of the time remaining towards the top right of your screen.

Hovering over or clicking the live countdown will display any provided description.

Task Timer Running Icon

When a task timer is running, you’ll see an orange dot with the task timer timer icon located on the bottom-right toolbar.

If you have Manage Any Task Timer permissions, the following is presented:

Task Timer Edit
  • Alter the description for the task timer.

  • Change whether a sound notification is played on timer expiration.

  • Pause, Resume, or Stop the task timer.

  • Note: First, to adjust the time left, pause the timer and use the up and down paddles for the hours, minutes, and seconds. Once adjusted, resume the timer.

If you do not have permission to manage task timers, clicking this icon displays a read-only task timer countdown and any provided description.

Task Timer View Only

Create Task Timer: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors
Manage Task Timers: Board Hosts, Board Facilitators, Owner

Plan Availability: Free*, Business, Education

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