Boost your agile workflows

If you’re looking for a way to make your agile team more collaborative, try using HuddIeIQ’s online whiteboard with remote scrums, morning huddles, and retrospectives. It’s an ideal tool for bringing your team together and keeping everyone on the same page.

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Agile management facilitates scalable solutions

Use our infinite canvas to organize your projects, tasks, and initiatives in one area.

With real-time team collaboration and visualization tools, team members can freely share ideas, and exchange feedback, giving you a better perspective of the issues and how to manage them.

Take agile planning to new heights and keep your projects on track.

Agile workflow use cases 2 trimed
We have hundreds of ready-made templates to get you going, and of course, you can modify or create your own.
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Run agile meetings

Bolster your hybrid team by helping them organize their thoughts and ideas with a framework that will streamline their creative process and planning.

Align your team members during standups, sprint planning, scrums, and retrospectives, regardless of location.

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Visualize your projects

Visualize your project and get the big picture with your team with real-time discussions and coordination. Review past findings and compare performance side-by-side to enhance your projects.

Set tasks and keep track of timelines from start to finish to get work done and projects finished on time.

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Consolidate your work

As your team grows, collecting feedback using polls chat, comments and having one central source of information becomes increasingly important to ensure trust and transparency.

Having notes and artifacts from previous projects readily available will help new team members feel comfortable and confident with their work.

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Boost Your Agile Workflow

A whiteboard with distinct features for smooth collaboration assists teams to remain aligned and reach collective decisions.