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Creating Your Own Templates

Create or Update a Template Toolbar

On top of the 100+ ready-made templates that HuddleBoard provides, you can create your own customized templates.

Take an existing ready-made template, modify it to your liking, or create a new template from scratch using powerful board tools such as the container.

Access your custom-made templates from the templates section of resources or when you create a new board. The “Private” section will list templates you elect not to share; otherwise, they, along with other member’s shared templates, will be found in the “Shared” section.

Create or Update a Template
Create a Template

When invoked, your board’s current content is used to create or update an existing template.

Update an Existing Template
Choose an existing template to update. If not selected, a new template will be created.

Add or change an image preview for the template.

Enter a Name
Enter or update the name of your template.

Enter a Description
Enter or update the description of your template.

Your template will remain private and only accessible to yourself if not shared; otherwise, if enabled, it will be shared with other members of the organization.

Applies ToBoard Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Business, Education

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