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Creating Your Own Templates

Create or Update a Template Toolbar

On top of the 100+ ready-made templates that HuddleIQ provides, you can create your own customized templates.

Take an existing ready-made template, modify it to your liking, or create a new template from scratch using powerful board tools such as the container.

Access your custom-made templates from the templates section of resources or when you create a new board. The “Private” section will list templates you elect not to share; otherwise, they, along with other member’s shared templates, will be found in the “Shared” section.

Create or Update a Template
Create a Template

When invoked, your board’s current content is used to create or update an existing template.

Update an Existing Template
Choose an existing template to update. If not selected, a new template will be created.

Whole Board or Selected Objects
Choose to create the template from the whole board or only the objects selected on the board.

Add or change an image preview for the template.

Enter a Name
Enter or update the name of your template.

Enter a Description
Enter or update the description of your template.

Your template will remain private and only accessible to yourself if not shared; otherwise, if enabled, it will be shared with other members of the organization.

Applies ToBoard Hosts, Board Facilitators, Board Editors

Plan Availability: Business, Education

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