Online Whiteboard Guide

How Can Online Whiteboards Promote Inclusive Brainstorming Sessions for Diverse Teams?

Key Takeaways

  • Online whiteboards enable synchronous collaboration, inclusive participation, and efficient organization of ideas.
  • Inclusive brainstorming sessions lead to optimized solutions, empower team members, and spark innovation.
  • Challenges in diverse teams include discomfort sharing unconventional ideas, judgment of different views, and dominance of certain groups.
  • Online whiteboards provide an anonymous collaborative space, encouraging diverse participation and equal sharing.
  • Asynchronous contributions promote flexibility and inclusivity, while various templates help structure brainstorming and spark new ideas.
  • Evaluating and building upon ideas with online whiteboards enable integrated insight and innovative problem-solving.
  • Online whiteboards and inclusive brainstorming sessions can lead to collective success, well-being, and transformative solutions.


Online whiteboards serve the purpose of facilitating joint brainstorming, ideating, planning and problem solving among teams located in different geographic locations. Some key benefits of using online whiteboards for diverse teams include:

Enabling synchronous collaboration. Online whiteboards provide a shared space for team members to brainstorm, discuss and make decisions together, regardless of location. This fosters better understanding, the integration of perspectives and innovative solutions.

Facilitating inclusive participation. The anonymity and distributed nature of online whiteboards lower barriers to participation, encouraging equal sharing of input from all team members, including those from underrepresented groups. Diverse voices strengthen progressive progress.

Capturing and organising ideas. Online whiteboards effectively capture and organise ideas, thoughts, concepts and information in one place for reference, building upon and evaluating different perspectives side by side. Cross-pollination of ideas leads to breakthrough solutions.

Understanding the Need for Inclusive Brainstorming Sessions

Challenges often emerge when diverse teams come together to brainstorm due to differences in experiences, thinking preferences, cultural frameworks and beliefs. Some issues include:

Discomfort sharing unconventional ideas. Team members may feel reluctant to share thoughts that differ from mainstream ways of thinking or cultural norms. Progressive advancement depends on inclusion of diverse perspectives.

Judgment or criticism of other views. There is potential for critical evaluation, dismissal or validation of ideas that differ from one’s own way of understanding issues. An open and judgment-free space is imperative.

Dominance of certain groups. Without facilitation, the voices and input of marginalised groups can be drowned out by those of more dominant social groups. Equal participation and influence from all teams is essential.

Inclusive brainstorming sessions are vital as they lead to optimised solutions, empower all team members, build trust, facilitate learning, spark innovation and craft progressive change essential to tackling global challenges. When done right, brainstorming can transcend perceived limits, embrace possibility and enable prosperity shared by all.

How Online Whiteboards Can Promote Inclusive Brainstorming Sessions

Provide an anonymous collaborative space. Online whiteboards do not require logging in with personal information or biased avatars, preventing inhibition and encouraging equal sharing from members of marginalised groups. Diverse participation leads to revolutionary progress.

Allow for asynchronous contributions and discussion. Team members can contribute ideas, ask questions, provide feedback or discuss concepts at any time that suits their schedule or preference. This inclusivity spurs innovative problem solving.

Facilitate evaluating and building upon ideas. The easy reorganisation, grouping, linking and commenting features of online whiteboards enable building upon diverse perspectives, evaluating ideas against multiple frameworks and developing concepts further through critique from multiple angles. Progress results from integrated insight.

Enable the use of templates to broaden thinking. Online whiteboards permit adding templates such as mind maps, flow charts, timelines or rating matrices to structure brainstorming in new ways, spark unconventional ideas and challenge established assumptions or ways of understanding issues. Template-broadened thinking inspires possibility-expanding solutions.


Online whiteboards and inclusive brainstorming sessions together transform how teams communicate, think, learn, progress and prosper. They translate inspiration into revolution, possibility into reality and shared purpose into collective justice, well-being and success stories for the entire group.