Online Whiteboard Guide

How to Foster a Culture of Innovation with Mind Mapping on Online Whiteboards?

Key Takeaways

  • Schedule regular ideation sessions for impromptu collaboration, ideation, and template application on online whiteboards.
  • Cross-pollinate ideas between groups or domains by having different departments mind map together using templates to gain new perspectives.
  • Teach and apply creativity techniques, such as mind mapping, brainstorming, and lateral thinking, in combination with templates.
  • Review and refine template-enabled ideas collaboratively before implementation to build validity and gain crucial buy-in for innovation.
  • Use online whiteboards to facilitate real-time sharing and feedback, which is essential for innovation and progress.
  • An innovation culture empowers innovative thinking, transforming how people perceive and solve problems, collaborate, and implement ideas.
  • Combining mind mapping, whiteboards, templates, and an innovation culture leads to perpetual progress, optimised growth, and a future focused on possibilities.


Mind mapping is a visual technique for organising thoughts and stimulating new ideas. It helps individuals and teams think outside the box and make creative connections. Online whiteboards enable collaboration on mind maps with geographically dispersed team members, fueling innovation through the real-time sharing of ideas.

Templates introduce new frameworks for perceiving problems or conceptualising solutions in innovative ways. An innovation culture fosters innovative thinking by promoting creativity, new ways of thinking and breaking down silos between groups.

Combined, these tools and techniques inspire perpetual progress through continual experimentation and breakthrough concepts. They transform how people perceive and solve problems, collaborate, develop new ideas and implement them successfully.

Provide Opportunities for Impromptu Collaboration, Ideation and Template Application

Schedule regular “ideation sessions” where teams collaborate on whiteboards to mind map new ideas, make unexpected connections or solve complex problems using different templates. Promote spontaneous collaboration by applying any technique or template that sparks innovative thinking.

Highlight innovative ideas or solutions enabled by impromptu collaboration and template experimentation. This reinforces the value of unstructured ideation and progress through experimentation.

Cross-Pollinate Ideas Between Groups or Domains

Have different departments mind map together using templates to gain new perspectives on issues crossing boundaries. Combine diverse expertise and areas of work, emerging innovations at their intersections.

Share mind maps, proposals or solutions enabled by templates beyond their source. Cross-pollination spreads innovative concepts and enables company-wide progress.

Apply and Combine Creativity Techniques and Templates

Teach mind mapping, brainstorming and lateral thinking techniques to apply with templates. Combining techniques and templates sparks novel problem perception and solution generation. Provide opportunities to learn, practice and experiment with these tools.

Highlight and recognise innovative techniques and template combinations. Spreading these perspectives and behaviours enhances innovation across teams.

Review and Refine Template-Enabled Ideas Collaboratively Before Implementation

Share mind maps, proposals or solutions enabled by templates to get stakeholder input, feedback and buy-in before finalising implementation. Debate alternative template uses and accept proposals benefiting from change. Ensure that collaboration feels constructive rather than obstructive. When done well, collaborative review builds validity, gaining crucial buy-in for innovation.

Combining these techniques and tools fosters ongoing creativity and breakthrough ideas. Opportunities for impromptu collaboration, cross-pollination, technique application and template experimentation enhance innovation at individual and group levels.

Templates introduce transformative new frameworks, sparking novel ideas and integrated solutions. An innovation culture empowers innovative thinking. Mind mapping and whiteboards facilitate real-time sharing and feedback—essential for progress.

Overall, this approach inspires revolutionary change through continual experimentation and growth. It transforms how people perceive and solve problems, collaborate, develop new concepts and implement them successfully. With the right tools, techniques, opportunities and mindsets, innovation can thrive and spread rapidly across teams and the organisation.


Continuous ideation, cross-pollination and template application lead to breakthroughs, transforming how work gets done. And collaborative refinement builds validity, securing crucial buy-in for innovation. This winning combination builds a foundation for companies seeking sustainable, impactful innovation.

Innovation becomes second nature, as do the techniques and tools that spark it. The result is perpetual progress, optimised growth, and a future focused on possibility.  Overall, mind mapping, whiteboards, templates and an innovation culture work together to inspire revolutionary innovation and shape a progressive organisation built to thrive.