Online Whiteboard Guide

How to Conduct Effective Brainstorming Sessions on Online Whiteboards for Marketing Campaigns

Key Takeaways

  • Online whiteboards enhance real-time brainstorming, fostering collaboration and innovation for marketing campaigns.
  • Trust, safety, and a growth mindset are essential for successful brainstorming sessions, encouraging wild ideas and divergent perspectives.
  • Using templates introduces new frameworks for understanding challenges and opportunities, spurring innovative solutions.
  • Taking an interdisciplinary approach allows for compelling new perspectives and groundbreaking campaign ideas.
  • Iterating, building momentum, and challenging assumptions leads to progressive thinking and stronger campaign concepts.
  • Recognize revolutionary progress to maintain motivation and cultivate a culture of continuous innovation.
  • The integration of brainstorming, online whiteboards, and templates drives success, growth, and endless possibilities in marketing.


Brainstorming generates new ideas through divergent thinking and progressive problem solving. It fosters innovation by amassing the quantity and quality of thoughts beyond conventional limits of perception or possibility. Online whiteboards enable real-time brainstorming collaboration, allowing marketing teams in different locations to share, build upon and develop ideas together.

Templates introduce new frameworks through which to understand challenges, facilitating thoughts beyond conventional wisdom. Different templates lead people to perceive issues in radical new ways, making unexpected associations and connections across domains. Together, brainstorming, online whiteboards and templates motivate revolutionary progress and possibility in marketing.

Build Trust, Safety and a Growth Mindset

Welcome wild ideas, radical concepts and unconventional thoughts. This encourages divergent perspectives, surprising associations and conceptual leaps enabled by templates. Assign no idea “ownership” and avoid criticism, judgment or limitation. An open, ambitious environment motivates bold contributions and the courage to pursue convictions without fear.

Share the general problem, but allow people to brainstorm freely using any templates that spark new ways of understanding or enabling unlikely solutions. Loose parameters and maximise possibility. Safely challenge assumptions fueling “conventional wisdom.” Questioning old truths inspires progress. 

Take an Interdisciplinary Approach

Introduce perspectives from diverse disciplines and template perspectives, enabling unfamiliar yet compelling frames of reference. New ways of understanding lead to innovative concepts and campaigns that reinvent how work gets done.

Demonstrate how integrating different domains of thinking and templates can yield pioneering progress. Interdisciplinary innovation, pioneered by template use, ignites revolutionary leaps forward.

Look for connections across divergent ideas and templates representing fresh opportunities for impact—enabling integrated progress and shaping new frameworks within which to perceive challenges anew.

Iterate, Build Momentum and Challenge Assumptions

Allow participants to build on ideas, make surprising associations between concepts and templates, ask questions sparking unconventional perspectives, progressively improve concepts through critique and debate, and challenge long-held assumptions fueling “conventional wisdom.”

Assign “roles” such as critic, inventor, advocate for new templates or assumption challenger to debate ideas from multiple angles and strengthen progressive thinking.

Share data and research influences how people perceive issues and the progression of ideas. An evidence-based approach integrated with new templates fuels optimised and pioneering concepts. Stanford University offers a wealth of resources on design thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving.

Recognize Revolutionary Progress and Maintain Motivation

Highlight new perspectives, breakthrough ideas, associations across concepts and templates, or radical new problem-solving methods. Sharing and validating innovation encourages progress.

Share examples of the concepts’ effects. Divergent perspectives, ambitious logic-defying connections, and new thinking fuel success.

Allow informal brainstorming on campaign ideas and challenges. Unstructured thinking and template play foster a culture of continuous innovation.

Appreciate participation, input, thinking shifts, and growth. Feeling valued for revolutionary progress motivates people.


Integrating brainstorming, online whiteboards and templates transforms marketing teams, inspires progressive thinking beyond all bounds, builds belief in unlimited potential and fuels a growth mindset—vital to success, good and prosperity alike.

Overall, they spark revolutionary ideas, nurture fresh perspectives, challenge assumptions and cultivate an innovative spirit that pioneers history itself. Through sharing radical new concepts, facilitating critique from multiple angles, reinforcing motivation for divergent thinking and progress, and providing opportunities for unstructured “play”, a foundation is built for marketing, society and the world to thrive as possibilities expand endlessly.