What Are Some Creative Ways To Use An Online Whiteboard?

Key Takeaways

  • Brainstorm ideas and create mind maps.

  • Play interactive games like Pictionary, Tic-tac-toe, Hangman, and Sudoku.

  • Make collages for self-expression or commemorating events.

  • Teach or learn languages with quick language switching and multimedia content.

  • Present work with slides, annotations, and live or recorded presentations.


Using online whiteboards makes it possible for individuals to simultaneously collaborate on a job, like brainstorming new ideas, presenting material, or teaching classes remotely.

You can demonstrate the connections between your thoughts in a creative and inventive manner by using an online whiteboard, and one of the numerous ways you can do this is by drawing a mind map. Creating a mind map may be accomplished with the use of an online whiteboard by inserting nodes, interconnecting those nodes with lines, labeling the nodes, and coloring them. The use of a mind map as a tool can help with problem solving, idea generation, and thought organization.

Here are some creative ways to use and online whiteboard:

Play a game

Online whiteboards can also be utilized for joking around and other lighthearted activities. To participate in group activities that are both entertaining and engaging, including time-honored games such playing Pictionary, Tic-tac-toe, Hangman, and Sudoku, which require the usage of an online whiteboard.

Creating your own games is as easy as sketching different letters, symbols, or objects and having other people try to guess what they are.

Make a collage

Utilizing methods associated with collage, arrange a number of photographs, bits of text, and other components in an inventive manner. Create a collage with the help of an online whiteboard by uploading photographs from your device or the internet, adding text or stickers, resizing and rotating the images, and saving the final product. You have the option to show off your work, express yourself creatively, or commemorate a special event with the help of a collage.

Teach or learn a language

Whiteboards may also be accessed online, and they can be used for the teaching as well as the learning of foreign languages. When you are writing words or phrases in a foreign language on an online whiteboard, you are able to flip between languages very quickly. This includes moving between the language in which it was originally written and its translation.

 The following actions are required while utilizing an online board: listening to sound bites, viewing videotapes, and recording any output with the right pronunciation while using the appropriate grammatical form for improved vocabulary comprehension.

Present your work

Use online whiteboards to showcase your work to others. The production of slides that may include text, photos, charts, or diagrams may be accomplished via the use of an online whiteboard. Utilizing an online whiteboard is another choice that may be used in order to annotate your slides with notes, highlights, or arrows. After completing your presentation, you have the option to either present it immediately or create a version to view at a later time. You also have the option of showing your audience what’s on your online whiteboard.


Online whiteboarding has never been simpler; it now offers a wide variety of adaptable capabilities, in addition to being user-friendly, which enables it to serve as a vital supplement to any activity. Observe the outcomes when you experiment with distinctive strategies.