How do online whiteboards work with video conferencing tools?

An indispensable tool for remote teams, online whiteboards have grown in popularity, especially as video conferencing has expanded. But if you’ve ever wondered how they function with video conferencing tools, worry no more—we’re here to explain it to you.

Team members can collaborate in real time while communicating face-to-face through video using online whiteboards and video conferencing software that integrate flawlessly by showing video streams of others to one side and using the remaining space to collaborate or present on the whiteboard. This entails that everyone participating in a virtual meeting can see the same whiteboard and each other, which facilitates discussion and idea sharing.

Team members can make changes to the board in real-time while others can watch them being made when using an online whiteboard with video conferencing. This enables everyone to participate in the conversation and makes sure that every idea is written down on the board.

In conclusion, remote teams can collaborate in a space where they can communicate, share ideas, and work on projects wherever they are using online whiteboards and video conferencing tools.