Huddle IQ version 5

HuddleIQ Version 5 – Embrace and Extend

HuddleBoard is now HuddleIQ in Version 5

Huddle IQ version 5

Before we get down to business, HuddleBoard has been renamed to HuddleIQ. Same great product, now with a great new name!

What is a HuddleIQ?

HuddleIQ is a collaboration and presentation tool that brings remote teams together on one platform with unique capabilities beyond just video conferencing. Professionals, students, and people from all walks of life rely on HuddleIQ for its unique features that make online communication smooth and easy. From document presentation, 100+ templates that turbocharge collaboration, and intuitive features and design that help make impactful presentations.

So What's New in Version 5?

Version 5 took a little longer than planned, but the great news is that it also includes a lot more than initially planned. Let’s go through some of the highlights.


Now you can control what notifications you receive, how you receive them, and when you receive them. Receive notifications via browser alerts, email, or Slack, with Microsoft Teams in the pipeline.

Not only that, we’ve added many new notification options so that you can stay on top of your work.

Learn more about notifications

Slack integration

With Slack integration, you can now receive all your notifications in one area.

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Track and Aid

Track and aid brings numerous functionalities together that allow the giving and receiving of aid:

  • Bring to me: if permitted, you may bring a participant to your position on the board so that they can see what you see.


  • Go To: click on a participant and go to their position on the board.
  • Follow: click on a participant and follow their movements on the board in real-time.
  • Show on Map: want to see where your colleagues are on the board map in real-time? Then select this option to track multiple colleagues’ positions and movements on the board map.

Learn more about Track and Aid

Major video and screen conferencing enhancements and stability improvements

We admit. Our video conferencing could have been better. With version 5, video conferencing has been battle-tested in low-bandwidth environments and many tricky scenarios. We like it so much; we’ve entirely dropped the use of Microsoft Teams for video and screen conferencing as HuddleIQ is simply better! And that’s before even considering the rich online whiteboard functionality that HuddleIQ delivers.

But we are not stopping there. We have many video and screen conferencing enhancements on the drawing board or in development.

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Container cell flexing, cell merging, and more cell moving options

Containers are the backbone of templates, in-built and self-made, and organizing content the way you like it. As such, we’ve made numerous enhancements to this powerful feature:

  • Cell flexing: dynamically and intuitively change the container cell size to fit your objects.
  • Cell merging: merge cells and their contents.
  • Cell moving: we’ve added more options for moving cells around, so you can get the container structure just the way you want it.

Learn More about Containers

More file types supported in Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive

Our cloud drive integrations all now support Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in addition to PDF. Additionally, major image and video formats are also supported.

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Poll presentation improvements

Our poll feature has been overhauled to provide more timely and relevant information, emphasizing usability.

Learn more about Polls

Sticky note autofit

Let your sticky note content automatically resize to fit, regardless of the font or styling in use, and endure no limits.

Learn more about Sticky Notes

Sticky note defaults

Change your sticky note default settings.

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Templates created from selected objects

Now you can create templates from the whole board, or selected objects on the board, giving you greater flexibility.

Learn more about creating Templates