Huddle IQ version 4

HuddleIQ Version 4 – A Focus on Refinement

HuddleIQ Version 4 - A Focus on Refinement

Huddle IQ version 4

Building on the major version 3 release, the following additional features and enhancements are now released:

Experience next-level collaboration with HuddleIQ Version 4.

What is a HuddleIQ?

HuddleIQ is a collaborative and presentation tool that brings remote teams together on one platform with unique capabilities beyond just video conferencing. Professionals, students, and people from all walks of life rely on HuddleIQ for its unique features that make online communication smooth and easy. From document presentation, 100+ templates that turbocharge collaboration, and intuitive features and design that help make impactful presentations.

So What’s New?

Assign board roles separately for each member in an invitation

Now you can assign roles such as host, editor, viewer for each invitee of a board.

Set the starting view when opening a board

Want everyone to open a board at the same position each and every time? Now you can by setting a board opening position.

Alignment aid improvements

We’ve made numerous improvements to alignment aid that make your work that much easier to do.

Dashboard stepper introduction

We’ve added some handy tips on how to use the dashboard when you first log in.

Numerous speed and usability improvements

We continue to work hard to improve your experience with HuddleIQ. We’ve added numerous little touches that make HuddleIQ more intuitive and that much easier to use and continue to fix bugs through feedback and quality testing.