Huddle IQ version 1

HuddleIQ Version 1 – Online Whiteboard Reimagined

HuddleIQ Version 1 - Coming of Age

Huddle IQ version 1

Enabling clear communication has always been at the front and center of what we do at HuddleIQ. Moving in that direction, we have released new features in version 1 of our online whiteboard to help you communicate better.

1. Refreshed Dashboard

The all-new dashboard comes with better usability and a fresh layout that makes you love what you do.

2. Express yourself better with Resources

Your online collaborations will no longer be restrained by text and icons. Express yourself better with media resources including emojis, images, videos, vector 

3. Collaborators’ Cursor

You can locate the cursor of other users in your viewport and track their activities in real-time.

4. More default colors

You will never run out of choices when it comes to assigning a color to a particular entity. And with an extensive continuum of colors, the possibilities are endless.

We take user feedback seriously. Not only does it help us improve but it also drives us toward innovation. We believe these new features will help you achieve more with your online collaborations.