Brainstorming template

7 Benefits of Using a Brainstorming Template

7 Benefits of Using a Brainstorming Template

Brainstorming template

Brainstorming: it allows people to think more freely, express ideas without judgment, and work with a team to invent creative solutions.

But not all brainstorming sessions are created equal. You’ve likely experienced the disappointment after proposing idea after idea, only to come up empty-handed.

Make every minute of brainstorming more effective by using a brainstorming template. Read on for seven benefits that using a brainstorming template will provide to your team.

What Are Brainstorming Templates?

A brainstorming template gives you one convenient location to organize your ideas. It’s the framework for storing, sorting, and later evaluating the ideas you have. Usually, brainstorming templates have options to distinguish each idea within the process and relevant information for each one of those ideas.

Since they easily communicate complex topics, brainstorming templates are used both by individuals and teams. Even individuals who aren’t working within a business industry will find that a brainstorming template will catalyze the generation of more ideas and solutions.

And many templates are created with different goals in mind. Some are created to include questions that get you and your team thinking, while others categorize ideas into different groups. But no matter the specifics, brainstorming templates will always add value to your team.

1. Flexibility

Brainstorming templates are versatile tools that can help people in any industry with any level of expertise.

  • Students can use them for research ideas
  • Project managers can use them to present pitches
  • Marketers can use them for creating content calendars
  • Consultants can use them to show clients feasible options
  • Salespeople can help use them to connect with potential clients

Most projects, regardless of your field, have dozens of moving parts. A brainstorming template will help you set your expectations around what every step will take.

And dozens of brainstorming techniques will work with these templates. Whether you’re sitting alone in your office surrounded by a dozen team members, basing your brainstorming session on the use of a template will give you a solid reference for later action.

2. Simplification of Complex Processes

Brainstorming templates are often used for strategic planning when a topic is complex. Anytime a new concept or idea gets involved, it can easily be integrated into the template.

For instance, say you use the mind mapping brainstorming template. This visual model starts with a central node, then branches out to different nodes each time is introduced. It’s easy to add more ideas to each node while seeing how they all relate back to the center.

This structure makes it easier for viewers to understand how certain factors affect the entire process, and seemingly different pieces are relevant to one another.

3. Productivity

Aside from making your brainstorming process more streamlined and organized, brainstorming templates will also increase your productivity.

Having a template will make the work of communicating and connecting concepts much less difficult for your brain. In turn, it will brainstorm faster and even come up with better ideas. Over time, pulling out your brainstorming template will be your brain’s signal to start coming up with ideas.

Being able to brainstorm more efficiently saves time and makes your work more valuable, both of which are key in the business world.

4. Better Presentation

Brainstorming templates help both you and your audience. During the process of brainstorming, having a template will add a bit more structure to the discussion.

Then, when you present your ideas to a group, they’ll be able to follow along. Getting your point across better will make it easier for your audience to take in information. In turn, they’ll view you as a more credible and professional source of information.

Research shows that pairing words with images help bring concepts to life and makes understanding easier. And images don’t even have to mean pictures in the traditional sense.

Just making your text more visual through the use of diagrams will have a similar effect as adding photos. You’ll be viewed as more clear, interesting, and effective.

5. Creative Solution

Brainstorming templates let you record all your possibilities while giving you the capabilities to link ideas when you want. This allows you to create structure when you want it and go big-picture when you don’t.

Having a brainstorming template will trigger your brain to engage in lateral thinking – a form of thinking that helps you generate fresh ideas by changing your frame of reference. During lateral mode, your brain will change its perspective to help you look at things differently.

Unlike the traditional A to B thinking, lateral thinking will give you the creative boost you need to have your next eureka moment.

6. Engagement

Make your improvements to daily operations or your new marketing strategies stick by adding an element of entertainment to the brainstorming process.

A brainstorming template will encourage employees to participate in a meaningful way. When they contribute ideas, they’ll be added to a map or arranged on a visual display. This makes the process feel more personal and impactful than just writing out words.

When people are deeply invested in something, it leads to deeper learning. So an engaged team will not only produce more thoughtful ideas, but they’ll also embrace the new concepts that you present.

7. Memory-Boost

Most people are visual learners, meaning that they need information to be presented in a visual manner to remember it. Brainstorming templates leverage visual elements to work with, not against, our minds.

You can even experiment with different colors to generate different feelings among your team members. Red text and concept boxes evoke a sense of urgency, while blue hues have been shown to increase cognitive performance during brainstorming.

Using a template instead of simply writing concepts down will give you more opportunities to integrate color theory into your creative processes.

Leverage the Power of a Brainstorming Template

Get more from your collaborative efforts by using a brainstorming template. To learn more about optimizing your team’s performance, contact the Huddle IQ team. We’re here to answer any and all questions!