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An intuitive user experience makes HuddleBoard™ extremely easy to operate. Use it effortlessly to collaborate better, educate efficiently, present effectively or simply get work done faster. One platform that gives you the power to do more.

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Your data is in safe hands

With information security at the heart of its operation, HuddleBoard™ lets you collaborate and educate with total peace of mind. Cutting edge data encryption, geographically dispersed data storage, and multiple backup locations, powered by Amazon web services, an enterprise-grade secure platform, makes sure your information stays safe at all times. Robust security procedures detect any suspicious activity to ensure your work never stops. With HuddleBoard™ you can simply do what you do best, knowing your data is well guarded.


Smart Tools for Smart Collaboration

Give your collaborative endeavours a fillip with HuddleBoard™. Smart tools at your disposal will let you bring the best out of your collaboration. Get the freedom to draw or write, as you would on a real whiteboard, add comments on recent changes, use sticky notes to collect ideas, icons to enhance your presentations or conduct polls to test knowledge, plus a whole lot more. With HuddleBoard™, we’ve made your work easier and collaboration effective.

Real-time Collaboration gets real work done

Live chat anytime

Say goodbye to work delays with our built-in live chat feature. Give or receive feedback instantly, discuss ideas with teammates, or answer student questions with real-time communication, at the click of a button.

Faster turnaround with Tagging

HuddleBoard™ simplifies the way you work, so you get more out of your collaboration. Reduce email exchanges by tagging your teammates directly, through HuddleBoard™. Simply add your comments by prefixing ‘@’ and the teammate gets notified instantly.

Get insights with Polls

An in-built poll feature that lets you check understanding or get opinion in real-time. Simply add your question, set a timer and your poll is ready. Receive poll results in real-time and understand the impact you are having.

Video and Screen Conferencing

With advanced video and screen conferencing capabilities, HuddleBoard™ adds a new dimension to your online collaborative experience. Connect with teammates or students to conduct simultaneous screen and video conferencing and get your point across with maximum ease and minimum effort.

Audio/Video Conferencing

Collaborate the way you like

With HuddleBoard™ you can be on the move and still get work done.

A seamless experience on tablets, laptops and desktops will give you the edge when things need to be accomplished on the fly.

Document Support

Need to share documents during your presentation?
HuddleBoard™ takes care of this too.
Simply drag and drop your documents onto the whiteboard and have the team view your PDF’s, Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint documents with just a few clicks.
But don’t just limit yourself to documents, this smart feature also lets you share images instantly. Forget slow email attachments and make your work more efficient.


Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

HuddleBoard™ brings people together and
helps everyone achieve more

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