6 Ways to Power Up Your Virtual Customer Success Teams

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A successful business is successful because of its team and its customers. To make a dent in any industry, you need to have a pipeline of customers willing to work with you. This willingness comes from repeat purchases, reviews, and your relationship with the customers.

So, how do you make sure that your customer success team performs at an optimum level? Other than having definite structure and templates, you also need to make sure that you meet regularly. Free video conferencing tools help you communicate with your team and help clarify the best way to move forward. Other than that, here are some pointers to help you ramp up your customer success.

#1: Make a Quick Start Guide

Well, this goes without saying. It would help if you had a quick start guide that your customers can rely on. That explains the essential features of your product or service. If you are unsure, it can be a simple PDF with a step-by-step guide of what your product does, how to sign up, and how to use it. 

You don’t need to make a detailed demo of every feature. Just something to make sure your customer has the basic idea of the interface. If required, you can also have an onboarding boot camp, which helps your customer and your team to learn the whole product and the specific user test cases free of cost. 

#2: Create A Comprehensive Knowledge Base

One common notion with a knowledge base is that it should only be for team members. Well, it can be for your customers too, and you can put all the frequently asked questions there.

Remember, you should make a different knowledge base for your customer and one for your employees or contractors. Another way of making sure that your team knows what to do in specific scenarios is to create case studies and video tutorials for particular situations. The faster your team can provide a solution to your customer, the happier will he/she be.

#3: Constant Communication

When you have a customer base, make sure that you communicate with them regularly. A newsletter sent weekly can work wonders in maintaining your client relations. The more you check in with your clients, the more you are on their minds. 

Another way to ensure that you maintain communication with your existing client base is to check in periodically and ask for their feedback on your service. A feedback survey or mid-service survey will help understand which customers are not satisfied with your service and provide valuable insight to your customer success team. 

These check-ins help increase customer satisfaction and help define Key Point Indicators (KPIs) for your customer success team. You’ll know which strategy to opt for once you look at the data.

#4: Upsell

Your customer success teams are the frontline warriors who speak to your customers daily. They know the upselling points or cross-selling points for each customer. So, talk to your virtual team once a week to identify these opportunities. Then, make sure that you develop an idea of what marketing techniques you can use to upsell your product.

Depending on your customer’s problems, you can also create custom solutions for a specific customer. However, make sure you are not throwing that solution right on your customer’s face. No one wants to pay money for a problem that they’re experiencing. If you don’t do it diplomatically, the upselling tactics will fail.

#5: Identify At-Risk Customer

When you identify at-risk customers and discuss that with your customer success team in real-time, you have invaluable insight. Additionally, it is how you train them on live user cases. Any of your at-risk customers will fall in one of these two categories

  • They haven’t used your product at its full potential
  • They were using it before but have lost interest or communication

You can easily manage the first group by teaching them how to use your product. Your customer success team can guide them through a virtual whiteboard and make sure that they utilize the product’s full potential.

For the second type of customers, let your customer success team meet them through free video conferencing platforms like HuddleIQ. This meeting would be to understand why there has been a decreased interest in usage. Most of the time the customers would actually say what’s up. Sometimes, they’ll be close-mouthed about something. It’s really up to the customer success team to dig into the matter and come up with a solution.

Your customer success representative and your marketing team can come up with a positive approach and a marketing strategy to address these special customers.

#6: Use A Customer Portal

Having a dedicated customer billing portal for your customer can help you appear professional. Additionally, a portal for your customer allows them to upgrade, downgrade their plans and makes it easier for them to check invoices.

The dedicated customer portal also makes it easier to communicate with your customer through a ticketing system. Each time someone has a problem, your customer goes ahead and raises a ticket, which can be seen in the portal. Then, one of the team members from the customer success team can address that and close it off.

Step Up Your Customer Success with HuddleIQ

If you are looking for a way to modify your customer success, make sure that you choose one or two of these methods and implement them. Once they roll out, please focus on the other ways and roll them out on a staggered basis. 

Your customer success team is an essential part of your success. When they perform better, your business will automatically see an increase in revenue. This is why constant communication is necessary. HuddleIQ provides you with an online platform to increase customer and team interaction. With HuddleIQ, you can have visual meetings and explain your ideas to your team.

At HuddleIQ, we believe in empowering our customers with tools to manage their business and remote teams. Contact us today for a demo, and you’ll be able to meet some awesome members of our customer success team.

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