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Project Roles, Permissions, and Settings

Every shared project allows for membership assignment where one of four project roles may be chosen:

Project Manager
Has complete control of the project and may change any aspect of it and the boards it contains.

Project Editor
May create and control any aspect of boards they create and edit other board’s contents in the project.

Project Commentator
May not create new boards, but may open boards in the project, contribute to chat, and make comments but otherwise may not edit boards.

Project Viewer
May not create new boards, but may open boards, contribute to chat, but may not edit or comment on the board.

 Private projects are permanently appointed the project manager role.

Details of each project’s role permissions are listed below:
Project PermissionsDescriptionProject ManagerProject EditorProject CommentatorProject Viewer
Project ManagementSet project settings, member access, visibility, rename or delete the projectYesNoNoNo
Create BoardsMay create a board or move boards into the projectYesYesNoNo
Rename BoardsMay rename a board or change it’s profile imageYesIf OwnerNoNo
Move BoardsMay move a board to another projectYesIf OwnerNoNo
Delete BoardsMay delete a boardYesIf OwnerNoNo
Duplicate BoardsMay duplicate a boardYesYesNoNo
Open Board RoleThe assigned board role assigned when opened from the project when the member is not the board’s ownerBoard HostBoard EditorBoard CommentatorBoard Viewer
Open Board Role if Board OwnerThe assigned board role assigned when opened from the project when the member is the board’s ownerBoard HostBoard HostBoard CommentatorBoard Viewer
Create and Manage Own InvitesWhether the user can create, edit, or cancel their own invites for boards in this project, limited that that allowed in project settingsYesYesNoNo
Manage Any InviteWhether the user can edit or cancel any invite for a board in this project regardless of other permissions; limited to that allowed in project settingsYesNoNoNo

Every shared project also has settings you can apply as listed below:
Project Settings Description
Project Listing Display the project to those that are not members of the project so that they may request membership to the project
Project Members Allow non-project members to see the project members
Project Boards Display the project’s board’s to the non-project member without allowing them to open them

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