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Import Members

Import Members Button

Accessible from the Dashboard -> Administration -> Members

The import members feature allows you to bulk add members and/or bulk edit members in the organization.

  • Supported file formats are Text or CSV.

  • The import file must contain a header line of:  FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress, MaySetAvatar, Licensed, Administrator

  • Only “Yes” or “No” values are allowed for the fields MaySetAvatar, Licenced, and Administrator.

  • The import file will add new members if the email address does not exist; otherwise, it will edit the member matching the email address.
Import Members Icon

Below is an image of a successful member import file:

Sample Import File

Below is a sample report of errors found in an invalid member import file.

Before any import occurs, any reported errors must be rectified and once done, you will receive a message indicating a successful import.

Applies To: Administrators

Plan Availability: Free*, Standard, Premium