Customize Your Virtual Whiteboard

The world of online collaboration offers endless opportunities for professionals looking to get out of the daily office routine. HuddleBoard™ is making online collaboration accessible and easy for all professionals, educators, remote workers and students across the globe.

The biggest advantage of an intuitive collaboration tool like HuddleBoard™, is the level of customization that it offers. With a fluid user experience, users can create boards as per their requirements and take their online collaboration to the next level.

Let’s take a look at HuddleBoard™’s customization capabilities:

Infinite Canvas with Audio/Video and Screen Conferencing

HuddleBoard™ offers an infinite canvas for its users. This canvas can be used for freehand sketching, taking down notes or for explaining concepts. While using your HuddleBoard™ for presentations or brainstorming sessions, use the audio/video conferencing feature to provide brief as you draw or write. Combined with screen conferencing, this feature makes long-distance presentations a breeze.

Task Timer and Polls

It’s quite common to lose track of time during a team meeting or brainstorming session, but not anymore. This feature lets you create tasks with time goals so that you can keep track of the hours you put into a certain task or activity. You can also conduct a poll in real-time, which enables the team to reach a consensus faster.

With highly customizable features, HuddleBoard™ offers a superior user experience. The features have been developed keeping in mind the requirements of modern day teams. With these advanced features, all you need is your HuddleBoard™ to give your online collaborations a meaningful direction. The features mentioned here merely scratch the surface of what HuddleBoard™ is capable of; the more you explore, the more it shines.


Your HuddleBoard™ Library is where you can upload media files and documents in various formats which can be accessed later during a presentation or to build a handy database for your future collaborative endeavours.

Document Presentation

Your documents in the library can be used as a private resource, or you can present them to other collaborators or viewers in a ‘Presentation Mode’ which allows for full navigation of the document, including the ability to add annotations for others to see.

Multiple Background Options

You can choose from multiple background options and dynamic grid layouts to suit your preference. While a bright background enables you to focus on details, the light grey background feels softer to the eyes.

Rich media for your HuddleBoard™

The Resource feature allows users to add images, icons, emojis, vector graphics, illustrations and videos. With a huge selection of images and icons to choose from, HuddleBoard™ users will never run out of customisation options.